Hello there and welcome! 👋

My name is Sarah and I’m the founder and Visibility Consultant behind There’s A Person For That LLC.

You’re probably here because you’re an experienced entrepreneur that is tired of the endless posting, algorithm changes, and chasing trends.

You want to create content that feels good to you, put it out there in your own time, and still have people find and engage with it.

And maybe you’re a tad bit introverted…

I’m totally on board with that.

Let’s get one question answered straight away.

What the heck is a Visibility Strategist?

I know, right?

Technically… It’s someone who helps you and your brand become more visible online. Often in one very niche space.

They might be a branding designer.

They might specialize in a specific social media platform.

The end result is the same, to increase your brand awareness in one specific area.

I, however, am multi-passionate.

You could say that I’m…

one part web designer

one part content/traffic/seo strategist

a bit of a consultant

a sprinkle of coaching

a whole lotta love & cheerleader vibes

So like, at least 4 people in one adorably, awkward package. ::bats eyelashes::

But what this means for my perfect fit, energy aligned clients is that I see you

  • I see that you’re not meant to fit into someone’s pre-packaged design template.
  • I see that you’ve been doing all the things you “should” do instead of the things that are YOU.
  • I see that you have opportunities for growth that you didn’t even know existed.
  • I see that your vision is way bigger than you can put into words and you need a way to put it out into the world.

So basically, There’s A Person For That is your one-stop-shop for making you and your brand unforgettably visible in more than one place, all at one time, for one price, & with one person as your go-to. 

No more keeping tabs on several different professionals 😉

😅Whew! That was a lot…

But before all of that… I’m a creative, a wife, and a mama.

I love:
🍪☕Chocolate chip cookies & coffee
🖼️📒Artist trading cards & Travelers notebooks
🐕⛈️Dogs and snuggly rainy days

You can learn a little bit more about my personality over on my about page 😉

I’m on a mission to make as many creatives, coaches, healers, & visionaries have a simple & stress-free path to unforgettable visibility and growth.

Does this sound like something you need in your life? Awesome!

Let me personally invite you to a complimentary visibility Optimization Call

I can’t wait to connect with you and support your vision! xo