Product Licenses

1. Standard Digital Product License

1 – Standard Digital Products can be used for Personal or Commercial Use 

You can use the following standard products for your own personal use and/or for Commercial Use including most income-generating activities (please refer to the section 1.4 on Income Generating Activities)

Our Standard products include:

2 – These Standard Products can be used for your own personal learning only –

  • Workshops
  • Courses
  • Guides

3 – Can modify/change Standard products –

  • Includes resizing, cropping or changing stock photo or stock video orientation.
  • Can overlay on top of the photos or videos with text, website screenshots, product designs and pdf designs.
  • Can add filters or color overlays to suit your branding aesthetic.
  • Can change text, colors and images inside of Canva Templates and Content plans
  • Cannot modify/change personal learning products (workshops, courses, guides)
  • If the product is a Canva template, please refer to Canva’s License

4 – Can use products in income generating activities –

  • Can use both standard products and resale products for the listed income generating activities (Refer to the section 1.5 below on income generating activities)
  • Cannot sell or give away Standard products
  • Please refer to the Resale Product License section for additional rights

5 – Can use the standard product license in the following Income Generating Activities:

  • Can use products for marketing your business on social media, inside your website, email or blog
  • Can use products inside your Online Courses, Lead Magnets and PDF’s
  • Can use products inside of unique Canva Templates/Website Templates you’ve designed to sell
  • Can use products as part of printable’s or print-on-demand products you’ve designed to sell (Example: Worksheet, T-shirts, Mugs, Journal Pages)
  • Can use products to create custom client projects (Example: You’re a Virtual Assistant and customize an Ivory Mix Canva Template with an Ivory Mix photo for your client’s upcoming Email Newsletter).
  • If the product is a Canva template, please refer to Canva’s License
  • Can create an original online course or e-book that teaches something you learned inside the information and knowledge you gained from There’s A Person For That personal learning content (workshops, courses, guides).
  • Don’t see your specific use case listed? Contact us and we’ll let you know if it is allowed.

6 – Credit / Attribution is not required but always appreciated.